23 August 2008

Potential future?

Well I've been a slouch about updating since the Great Utah Adventure, but to be honest I really haven't been up to much. I usually just purchase new singles from 3 Sons Dogs and Suds, but I really haven't had any motivation recently. Being unemployed and prospectless is never a fun thing and I think it was sort of wearing me down.

Then there was a break. At Erie's Beer on the Bay last month (samples of 25 fantastic regional breweries...excluding Yuengling, hah), Matt from Voodoo Brewery approached me and wanted to know if I was still possibly interested in reping for Voodoo. I had visited their brewery shortly after I turned 21 and offered my services at any capacity. A year later something has materialized!

Now it's hardly set in stone and it would only be a part time kind of thing, but it is certainly a start! So, fingers crossed and that's all I'm saying for the moment.