05 December 2008

Holiday Valley Beer Fest, Zenos, and more!

Irregular updates, huzzah!

8 November I traveled to Ellicottville, NY, with the brewer of Voodoo, Justin, and discovered, much to my dismay, our booth was outside. It reached about a whopping 40 degrees that day and luckily I wasn't entirely underdressed. Sure could have used a pair of gloves though. We were in between Sam Adams (woohoo?), Ellicottville Brewing and Southern Tier. Not the greatest fest I've worked so far. It was at the Holiday Valley ski resort so it seemed to attract a different kind of crowd. Middle aged women demanded light beers and drunken crowds gathered around Woodchuck and Yuengling. Had a great time afterwards hanging out at the Ellicottville brew pub. I had a fantastic chocolate cherry beer and their Pantius Droppus.

Last weekend we traveled to State College to Zenos. We checked into our room before heading down to the bar and to our surprise had basically the bunk bed suite: two sets of bunkbeds. Super classy. Possibly the best hotel room ever. But Zenos, what a great little underground pub! Went down around 2pm, dined at 6 and then back to the pub til about 11pm. Hung out with a Troeg's brewer and his girlfriend and had a little impromptu selling battle by handing out free samples. We brought a dry hopped Wynona's Big Brown Ale in a firkin. Good crowd for the most part. Justin ran up a significant tab but the place was kind enough to have given us a $25 gift certificate so that helped. He's a big fan of Begians and sours and things I don't really get a lot so my palate is definitely adjusting to a fun new style of beer.

I need to start bringing my camera to these things. What fun is a blog without pics?!

We're doing a tasting in Sharon, PA, tonight at the Corinthian in honor of the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition. Now if PA would get on the ball!

Trying to work out a deal with the Sharp Edge in Crafton, PA, that if they'll provide the kegs, we'll fill them and sell out of that Belgian bar. I do enjoy that place. Had a delicious Rodenbach Red the other night.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Hope this gig in Sharon turns out well.