07 October 2008

Voodoo for real!

Little catchup since I've been neglecting this little blog. Went to the New Holland Autumnfest 20 September with some Tony Savatt reps. It pays to know people because we were VIP. Free beer til 10pm, then $2 pints til...well, we left around 11.30pm after a successful night so I'm not certain how long they were serving til. I do recall a delicious casked Mad Hatter as well as some sort of delicious Pilgrim's Dole that seemed more like cinnamon candy :D

Anyway, I now present my business card. Wow, I feel like I now have one foot in the Beer World!
From Amanda Likes Beer

I've worked two events now for Voodoo Brewing. The first was the Steel City Big Pour, which was on 13 September. A long day, but a real blast. It was held in this recycling warehouse that didn't have any open windows so we were coated in sweat in about 5 seconds. But what a job! Free beer everywhere! Friendly people! No complaints from me.

This past weekend then was the Kennett Beer Fest over by Philly. We were settled in between Dogfish Head and Flying Dog for the connoisseur tasting where we were sampling our Imperial Stout (12.5 ABV!) which was a huge hit. Then we had a half an hour to move to another booth for the regular tasting, this time by Boulder. The lines were outrageously long, Kennett must have made an absolute killing. It was a long day outside, but a pleasant temperature and friendly folks. My highest compliments went to Dock Street's Anniversary Imperial Amber, fantastic. Our Gran Met was a big hit. It's always nice to hear someone say that your brewery has the best beer at a tasting, even if they might just be sucking up to get a full glass ;)