09 February 2009

Catch up, now including the Blue Canoe

Well, things have been a good deal different these past couple of months. I've been spending a lot of time at Voodoo helping with everything from bottling to brewing. I've also spent a fair amount of time at their sister brewery, Blue Canoe, in Titusville. They've got an established little brew pub, but share brewers with Voodoo. The Blue Canoe provides more along the way of session beers but since it makes such small batches, the brewers have a little more freedom to experiment and who doesn't love variety?

Brewing is definitely no dream job of mine. It's interesting, no doubt, but it's also cold, wet, and time-consuming. I've certainly learned a good deal (enough for one brewer to comment I'm like a brewer's assistant) and can definitely explain our beers much better. And, hey, I can fill kegs and rake mash til I'm dead. But it's still the sales angle I'm interested in.

As is known, my position at Voodoo is unpaid but I had a seasonal job as a hostess to squeak by on. That ended late December so now it's time, I think, to say goodbye to this dream and get to seriously looking for an actual job. I'm still looking for something in the business and by no means will I stop trying to promote Voodoo. Besides, the beer fest season will be starting back up soon.

We've already had one this year in Garretsville, OH, at The Main Street Grille and Brewing Company. Small but fairly enthusiastic, a good show for their first hosted fest ever.

If you're in the PGH area, we have a beer dinner set up at The Pines Tavern in Gibsonia, February 25-27. You don't need reservations, just show up for dinner and taste some matched beer and food. Each night will feature someone from Voodoo. Check out the Pines Tavern website for more details.

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